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Protein stick tests fall into the same category mentioned in the prior post. You need to read that post also.
This is the category of  false and misleading "mold tests" that cheat you.
Ed Lampl of Home Plus is Us is one such home inspector that was still using that technique as of 6/2/2016. If you read the instructions for that test, it will clearly tell you NOT to use this test on wood surfaces as the tannin found in all wood gives a false positive. 

     I have found numerous times that mold remediators have suggested unnecessary mold remediation when actual mold testing showed perfectly acceptable levels.  The home inspectors use the positive ATP test results to refer themselves or a partner mold remediation company for remediation.

Link to the Protein Testing Information verifying the device limitations
Click here to link to Hygienia for Protein Stick limitations and use

Posted by Dan Howard on July 30th, 2016 7:45 PM



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