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General Recommendations if You Suspect High Formaldehyde Levels

  • Test for the level in the house to determine if it is actually a problem.


  • Identify which materials are contaminated and remove them from the home.


  • Decrease humidity and temperature in the home. This reduces the rate that the toxic gas leaves materials.


  • Add ventilation to the home. Outdoor fresh air reduces the level in a home. Environmental professionals have the expression: "The solution to pollution is dilution" Opening windows or adding specialized outdoor air infusion equipment in the HVAC system can help.


Last Words if You Suspect Indoor Air or Sick House Problems

            It is important to hire a professional to conduct the inspection that is experienced and qualified to perform this important task. Be sure to also verify that samples that are taken are to be analyzed by an accredited independent laboratory.

Posted by Dan Howard on April 13th, 2015 10:41 PM



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