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This entry comes to us from Nick Pineault “the EMF guy”

His website is  www.nontinfoilemf.com  

He is the best EMF educator that I have found out there for non-technical people. You can Purchase classes from them that are great. You can also sign up for his informational emails where he answers questions. Below is one of these. 

I have had a number of clients that have the EMF Sensitivities and worked to help them. I do keep a EMF meter with me and assure you that the new meters put off a ton of energy which creates problems for MANY people….including a client from this last week.    

Today's question is this: "Nick... do those covers you put on your smart meter really block EMF radiation? Are they worth it?"

The short answer is: yes, some of those products do work.

The long answer is: they do help, but are definitely not a silver bullet solution to your smart meter radiation problems.

For months, I have been hesitant to recommend these covers since I had no idea if they really worked or not.

So I got in touch with several of the best EMF mitigation specialists I know, and so far all of them assured me that the covers did lead in a dramatic, measurable reduction in the RF signals emitted by smart meters. Good to know.

One company that kept showing up as top recommendations during my research was Smart Meter Covers, started by a guy from Arizona.

I got on the phone with Scott, the owner, and was very impressed by the depth of his knowledge and by his honesty.

So how do the covers work, and when should you consider using one?

First things first -- the BEST step you can take when it comes to taming your "smart" utility meter is to get rid of it. Call up your utility company and ask to opt-out of the smart meter program.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/97857475@N00/2305272011 / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Note: Smart utility meters generally have a digital display. The best way to know if your meter is a smart meter is to use a simple EMF meter like the ENV RD10 to verify if it's emitting RF signals.

Now, depending on your city, State or Country, one of these 3 things might happen:

1) The utility company has the right to refuse your opt-out demand, if the law enforces smart meters to be installed wherever you happen to live.

2) The utility company will remove your smart meter and install an analog meter instead, but charge you a monthly fee which acts as a "penalty" (completely ludicrous... but that's outside the scope of today's argument).

3) The utility company will replace your smart meter for free. Yay!

This is the #1 thing you can do about your smart meter -- get rid of it! Doing this will eliminate the many, many issues we're seeing with smart meters:

- 24/7 pulses of RF radiation inside and outside your home (some of the meters are extremely strong and pulse every couple seconds)

- Pollutes the entire electricity inside your home (creating what we call "dirty electricity"), which is associated with poor sleep, increased cancer risks, and elevation in blood sugar... just to name a few things...

- Fire hazard

- Surveillance and privacy issues

- And much, much more...

(Read my book "The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs" for a more thorough review of everything that's wrong with these smart meters -- you can find it on Amazon.)

But if you are "stuck" with a smart meter, then it’s smart (see what I did there?) to consider installing a Smart Meter Cover on it.

How does it work? This stainless steel mesh "traps" the RF signals and dramatically reduces how much RF radiation your smart meter emits (usually reduces it by around 98%).

You see, the back of a smart meter is usually made out of a stainless steel plate, which in itself blocks RF pretty decently. When you add this metal enclosure on top of your meter, you create a partial Faraday cage which greatly dampens the RF signals. (To engineers: I know it's a rather simplistic explanation, but I want to keep things simple.)

The key here is that this cover is almost blocking all RF radiation, but not ALL of it. That way, the meter is still able to connect to the utility company wirelessly, and you won't get into any trouble.

Sounds good? Here’s where you can invest in a Smart Meter Cover:

===> Smart Meter Cover: Reduces RF radiation by 98%

Posted by Dan Howard on October 27th, 2019 7:35 PM

Imagine struggling with an unexplained illness that robs you of normal life. You go from traditional doctor to traditional doctor and still no answers other than it must be your imagination. This isn’t science fiction. It is real people, real life and may even be you or your loved one. 

For too long, people have unknowingly eaten, inhaled, drank and absorbed toxins that are often hidden in everyday products and the vary air and water we need to live.  

Big business and government have told us not to worry, they will keep us safe. We are told that we can trust the food, water and air. They tell us the multitude of energy waves they beam through our bodies won’t hurt us. They did the same with asbestos, lead paint, radon and the drinking water in Flint Michigan.      

There is new hope and healing for the millions of people affected with environmentally created health problems. CIRS, MCS, chemical toxicity, autoimmune disease and sensitivity to electro-magnetic forces are some of the illnesses. For many individuals, the health problems are the result of compromised health due to chemotherapy, organ transplants, and other illnesses that attack the bodies’ ability to heal.

Modern chemistry has brought us tens of thousands of untested new chemicals mixed in combinations to create hundreds of thousands of new exposures.   If the product doesn’t have a toxin as a key ingredient, manufacturers often add toxic chemicals to create a pleasant odor.    

What we have been doing is not enough to protect our health and the health of our children It is not OK to keep dosing environmentally ill individuals and ignore the source and causes. It is unacceptable to dismiss environmental illness as imagined or unimportant.  

People are the sum of their genetics, health history and exposures. We accept that some children can find a peanut deadly, but have a difficult time understanding that other exposures can be deadly.

It is time for qualified Functional Professionals to work together to identify the causes of environmental health, find ways to avoid the toxins and help the people affected by environmental hazards to heal.   

Functional Health Professionals

It is not enough to give people pills to treat the symptoms of environmental illness instead of the illness itself.  Functional Health Professionals identify the cause and source of illness. They prescribe testing that can confirm what is the cause of illness. The source of illness can range from the food we eat to the air we breathe.

 When food is the source of illness, they prescribe diets to improve health. When environmental factors are the issue, they refer patients to Functional Environmental Professionals to test and evaluate the source of toxins. Mold is the most common source of environmental illness.

 The Functional Health Professional’s next steps are to provide advice to avoid the risk and medical care detoxifying and healing patients.

Functional Environmental Professionals

Functional Environmental Professionals (FEPs) explore the wide range of sources of environmental health risks. Mold is the most common problem. Toxic exposures can be found in drinking water, building materials, construction defects, HVAC systems, or from the activities of every-day living. Health risks can be from daily or occupational activities, frequented buildings or even outdoor sources. Testing is done to confirm the source of an exposure and then it is important for the FEP to identify and report on the changes needed to remediate the risk and avoid its return. Educating the client in avoiding future exposures is important to recovery. All buildings and their exposures are a science experiment. We all know that if we do not change the conditions of the experiment, the results will be the same. Identifying the changes that are required to keep a building healthy is a critical part of the assessment that requires a qualified Functional Environmental Professional.           

Functional Remediators

 It is not enough to spray a chemical in a building and declare that everything is better. Functional Remediation Professionals (FRPs) understand that there is not a single magic spray or pixie dust that remediates every building. When you clean your kitchen counter, you wipe the food and debris that is the food of bacterial and viruses off the counter. Just picture if you sprayed Lysol on the kitchen counter without cleaning up the food debris for the next couple of weeks. Yep, Lysol has a 99.8% kill germ claim, but that is not enough to spray a house without cleaning up the bad stuff where the contaminants are living.  It is critical to test a patient’s reaction to treatment products before they are applied. This is especially true in one that is occupied by chemically sensitive or environmentally ill individuals. Functional Remediators follow the protocols of Functional Environmental Professionals that include containment, negative air and air scrubbing. Just as the dandelion will spread its white seeds when blown on, contaminants can be spread through a building during remediation. Improper remediation can make an unhealthy building even more toxic.           

The Healthy Infusion Program Brings Functional Professionals Together

It is not enough to treat symptoms of illness. We should have healing.

It is not enough to test for an environmental risk. We should strive to correct the cause or reduce the exposure and its return.

It is not enough to spray a “one size fits all” chemical and declare a building free of toxins. We must treat with sensitivity to the occupants and using methods to contain exposures during treatment. We must change the conditions that cause a toxic environment.

Functional Professionals are a team that is focused on identifying the underlying conditions and improving the causes and conditions that can be improved.     

Simply put, the Healthy Infusion Program is designed to bring the functional professionals together to address the source of environmental hazards and the path toward good health.

Where do we go From Here?

We know that our modern world has created many environmental risks that can affect each person differently. We need to understand the complexities of the life today and not dismiss the concerns of those that are affected by elements of our changing, complex and often toxic environment. We need to work together to provide the best outcomes for environmentally ill individuals.     

Posted by Dan Howard on May 31st, 2019 10:05 PM



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