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Recognizing the Little Wood Destroying Culprits that are Intent on Eating You Home

June 15th, 2014 10:03 PM by Dan Howard

 Termites:  The most common signs of termites are wings that have been shed. These are opaque wings that look like fish scales. The other tell tale sign is beige colored tracks or tubes that look like branches going along wood areas. To keep moist, the insects stay inside the wood and those shelter tubes and are not visible to see.


Carpenter Ants: These are the 1/4" long ants. They send out ants to find food and are often easily found. If they are staying within a wall, you can often see a sandy looking debris pile under a hole in a wall. The sand debris will have some black ant body parts as the nest discards the dead bodied of their deceased.


Carpenter Bees: They bore into exposed wood making a perfectly round 1/4" hole. They then turn 90 degrees in the wood and lay their eggs in successive chambers. They are most likely in unpainted or wood with worn paint. In the spring you can see them flying around the nesting area and they look similar to honey bees. 


The Next Move if you Suspect an Infestation

The solution to most infestations includes recognizing insects that are for the most part hidden from view. The next step usually includes handling pesticides, which are most often poisons that require careful and informed use. The residual material may also require specialized cleaning and disposal.


If that is not enough risk, the misuse of the products can harm people and pets, and possible make a home toxic to live in. You may also want to understand that if the treatment is not properly done, thousands of dollars in additional pest damage can be done to your home. Those are some very good reasons to hire a professional.


The PA Department of Agriculture regulates pest control professionals. These professionals must also maintain insurance and continuing education to maintain a license. A link to verify a pest operator's license will be provided at  www.Envirospect.info/pest link mentioned below.    


The interesting fact to know when hiring a licensed pest control operator is that the individual small firms have the same license and requirements as the large franchise companies, but often charge less.

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Posted by Dan Howard on June 15th, 2014 10:03 PM



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