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Suggestions to Help Seniors Live Safe in Their Homes as Long as Possible

December 25th, 2013 9:54 PM by Dan Howard

Hang a marked medical information bag near the front door. This can be as simple as a canvas bag labeled “Medical Information” with a magic marker in big letters.   Medical information is critical during a medical emergency, and emergency responders need that information.  Having a marked bag with medical history, contacts and medications can make a life or death difference in a medical emergency.


Install a keyless combination door lock at an exterior door. A code combination lock can provide access to friends, relatives or emergency personnel without the delay that usually occurs before someone is willing to break down a door.


Add an exterior blinking light for emergency personnel.  This does not need to be fancy. It can be an extension cord run through a window with a colored light bulb screwed into a socket that has a built in blinker. Cost for this should be under $20.00.


Purchase a freeze alarm that can call out a freeze warning.  Snowbirds and winter vacationers alike can avoid the possible flooding and major damage of their home if the heat goes out.  There are units that will call out to another phone number before homes or crawl spaces freeze. Many of these are available for under $ 100.00.


Seniors should learn to Skype. This is great for seeing grandchildren. It also gives peace of mind to relatives by letting family members see that mom or dad is doing well. 


Change bathroom doors to open out toward the hallway instead of into the bathroom.  Many medical emergencies happen in the bathroom.  If the door opens outward, help can enter a bathroom without breaking down a door over a fallen person. A quality carpenter should be able to remove a door, turn it around and reinstall it in less than 4 hours.     


Change turning door knobs to lever handles. Everyday living is easier with lever handles and when trying to get through a door to call for help or escape a fire, it can make a life or death difference. 


Many home accidents happen getting into or out of the bathtub. Changing from a bathtub to a shower can cost thousands of dollars, but is much less expensive than having a broken hip.
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Posted by Dan Howard on December 25th, 2013 9:54 PM



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