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Trust but Verify After the Remediation

June 1st, 2018 9:05 PM by Dan Howard

“Trust but Verify” After the Remediation

               At the end of the work, you should have proof that the work was effective in removing the mold. This is done by conducting a "clearance test" also known as a PRV, short for "Post-Remediation Verification."

The remediation firm should not conduct their own PRV They have the obvious temptation to “pass” the job when it should fail. They want paid for the work and do not want to say they did a bad job. Even the very best firms can fail a clearance because of an oversight or hidden mold source.  Clients need an independent Post Remediation Verification test for several reasons. We can’t see mold spores, there can be multiple sources of contamination or an ineffective treatment. Mold can hide in areas we can’t see.

Back to earlier today, and the remediator that has ignored the basic principles of remediation. Four times he did not clean visible mold and the dirt and debris that holds mold. Four times he didn’t correct the obvious water leaks creating more mold. The remediation contractor in today’s story is a pleasant person, and I believe meant well and wanted to succeed. He just lacked the discipline and experience to do the job correctly.

The lesson is that it is critical to have a PRV or Post Remediation Verification test after a mold remediation.   

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Posted by Dan Howard on June 1st, 2018 9:05 PM



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